Old stories from modern times

1 June 2012 - 15 Songs - 45 Minutes
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The album was performed entirely acoustic and recorded between the months of May and December 2011 in mono and mixed through analog tape consolle.

This album is actually a excursion into rural American popular-music from the early years of the! last century, where great songs by artists like Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Minnie, Jimmie Rodgers, Sidney Bechet, Lucille Bogan, Bo Carter, Delmore Brothers are reinterpreted by Veronica, Max and their partners in music.

The songs are chosen by a repertoire ranging from 1910 to 1939, indeed a real invitation to the rediscovery or, in some cases, the discovery of the characters that have made great this music with their stories.

You will be surprised discovering how many similarities there are between the past and the present days. Hence the title “Old Stories for Modern Times”, because historical memory is now more important than ever.

Voices, resophonic guitars, washboard, ukulele, mandolin, harmonica, double bass will guide the the listener into a journey through the atmosphere of Vaudeville, medicine shows, the first brothels of the 1900 and cotton plantations. To further enhance the rich sound of the album, there are two exceptional guests : Sugar Blue (a legendary harmonica player in the past alongside the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Willie Dixon and Frank Zappa) and the world master of resophonic guitar, Bob Brozman.


Veronica Sbergia: Vocals, washboard, kazoo, glockenspiel

Max De Bernardi: Vocals, acoustic guitars, resophonic guitars, mandolin, ukulele

Dario Polerani: Uprightbass

Massimo Gatti: Mandolin on 4

Leo Di Giacomo: Acoustic guitar on 4

Sugar Blue: Harmonica on 1 & 15

Bob Brozman: Resophonic slide guitar on 5 & 9

Produced by Max De Bernardi, Veronica Sbergia & Alessandro Zoccarato

All songs were digitally recorded in mono and mixed on tape through analog MCI consolle & mastered by Andrea Cajelli @ La Sauna Studio, Varano Borghi (VA) Except Sweet Papa (Mama’s getting mad) and Cigarette Blues recorded by Paolo Di Lello @ Pop Life Studio, Milano.

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